Keto at Burger King

A diet is already challenging enough. With strict guidelines and protocol, you have to stick to the plan or you won’t lose the pounds. Fast food during a Keto diet might seem outlandish. With white flour, sauces, and dressings, nothing may seem Keto-friendly at a place like Burger King. (2) But, staying on the Keto diet at Burger King may be more realistic than you might think.

What are the 3 foods I can order?

When heading over to Burger King, make sure to stick with these 3 foods, so you will stay on the Keto plan and drop the desired weight you want. If you stick with these options, you will enjoy a tasty meal, while reducing the pounds during the process.

1. Side Salad


A great place to start, when eating at Burger King, is with a side salad, no matter the time of day. (2) When you do this without dressing, and taking away the croutons, you can enjoy a nice garden side salad. Without dressing, your salad only costs you 60 calories and 3 grams of carbohydrates. (3) Fat and protein grams for a side salad are 4 grams apiece. (6)

2. Bunless Burgers


Consider staying away from the bun when you order a Burger King staple: The Whopper. A plain whopper without a bun is 240 calories, while a plain Whopper with cheese will cost you 320 calories. (5) Or maybe you would rather have a plain hamburger. With 0 net carb grams and 9 grams protein, a Burger King hamburger may be what you are hungry for. (4)

Are you looking for more food, but less bun? Give the Double Whopper with cheese a chance to wow you. The Double Whopper comes with two slices of beef, 2 slices of cheese, tomatoes, onions, mayo, pickles, and lettuce. (1) How about a cheeseburger? For just a few dollars, you can eat a bunless cheeseburger for 140 calories, and 10 grams of protein. (1) Additionally, there are 10 grams of fat. (6)

3. Breadless Breakfast Sandwiches


You can’t go wrong with breakfast options on the Keto diet from Burger King either. The Bacon King Sandwich, without the bun, includes a healthy portion of 6 slices of bacon, two slices of cheese, 2 ¼ pound Angus patties, and ketchup and mayo. (1) Take away the sauces for it to be even more Keto-friendly. With 54 grams of protein, and 60 grams of fat, this option definitely has more calories than the rest, too. (6)

Things to Watch For


When eating Burger King on a Keto diet, there are a few things you need to watch for to stay on the right track. Start by asking for no sauce. (2) When you throw the bun away and limit sauce, you will have a positive Keto experience. Sauces like mayonnaise, ketchup, salad dressing, and BBQ sauce should be off limits at all times. (2) To stay the Keto way, you will have to cut out sauces all-together.

Stay Away from Sides


You may be tempted to get a big Coke or a side of fries when entering Burger King, but you can’t go down so easy. A Keto diet does not include shakes, pies, fries, or onion rings. (2) These may be some of the tastiest options around, but you need to stay clear of these when on the Keto diet.

Check Out The Nutritional Calculator

Every restaurant should have a nutritional calculator on hand or on its website to help you navigate the Keto diet. If you check this out beforehand, then you can be prepared for what you want, so there will not be any surprises or miscues when you see something you should not have.

Beverage Limitations


With a Keto diet, drinks can be a cruel joke for people trying to lose weight. But, at Burger King, there is one drink that you can have that has no sugar and 0 grams of net carbs; that drink is BK Joe Coffee. (4) However, there are no other drinks at Burger King that you should have when on a Keto diet.


With a variety of Keto options at Burger King to try, you will never get bored with its diverse menu. Breakfast lunch and dinner can all be appeased at your local Burger King. So, get out there, follow the tips, and enjoy some tasty meal items, as you lose pound after pound. Good luck and enjoy each and every bite.