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We are a team of passionate individuals who love to share the best keto practices to help everyone treat their health conditions. It’s more than just neuro benefits and nutritional treatments but to make a change in someone’s life – to create happiness and fulfillment.

SimpleKetoTest.com (SKT) is the leading provider of personalized Keto advice in America. Forget about one-sized fit all Ketogenic diet plans. At SKT, our mission is to help our readers find a customized Keto approach that best fits their current weight loss goals. We deliver this promise by offering our readers FREE ACCESS to all of our Keto tests and questionnaires. It is through these tools that our readers can be empowered to discover a personalized Keto approach that is most effective for them. Founded in June 2018, SKT has successfully delivered over 5,000 personalized Keto approaches in USA alone.

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Our Team


Dr. Helen Okoye

Dr Helen Okoye, MD, MBA, MS-Epi.  She is an experienced professional with a Doctor of Medicine as seen on NBC News, Yahoo, Huff Post and Ausmed. 

Dr. Chai Lee

Dr. Chai Lee discovered his obsession for studying diets after seeing one of his patients change from a morbidly obese, depressed, grey-looking, sickly middle aged man into a healthy-looking, pink, glowing, fitter, healthier and happier man from just simple diet change.

He had almost given up on this man as neither medication nor surgery seemed to help him.

Dr. Chai threw himself into the study of diets, realising that there was something real and powerful in diet change to heal that mainstream medicine did not know about. He eventually discovered the Keto Diet and its remarkable effects for change on the human body.

Dr. Chai lives and works in Western Australia, where he continues to educate his patients about the amazing power of dietary change on their health and wellbeing.

Dr Chai Lee

Luisa Schetinger

A Brazilian Culinary professional that works with recipe development and Food Media. She is passionate about cooking and eating since her childhood. Luisa believes that food is much more than just nutrition, she thinks that it is a powerful tool to connect people and bring happiness to life. Luisa has already worked at the kitchen of Hotels and Bakeries. Recently, she has participated as a competitor in a famous Brazilian Pastry Tv show. Luisa is always seeking new perspectives to develop food and beverage products.