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Jeffrey has lost over 12lbs in 28 days

Jeff Success Story

Before Jeffrey came to us, he had searched all over the Internet to lose weight. He tried several diet plans including vegan or the no seasoning diet but find those diets incredibly difficult to sustain, which meant he gave up in less than a week. An avid gym goer, Jeffrey hits the gym 5 times a week. Yet despite all that exercises, he noticed he wasn’t able to shake off his belly.

That was when he discovered the Keto diet and our unique approach of a 28-Day Personalized Keto Meal Plan. Unlike one-size-fits-all meal plans on the Internet, we personalized a meal plan based on a precise approach of macros, Daily calories and beginner friendly meals.

Jeffrey was skeptical at first, but within just the first 2 weeks of personalized Keto, he was able to see changes, especially on his belly. This gave him the much needed encouragement to stick with Keto and the personalized plan for the remaining 2 weeks.

By the end of the full 28 days, Jeffrey has lost over 12 lbs and has never been happier.

Today Jeffrey is still on Keto and has lost over 40 lbs since he first and is still loving every moment of the Keto journey.

Easy To Follow Meal Plans

Shopping List Provided

All our recipes comes with shopping list that tells you what ingredients to buy and where to get them.

Customised Based On Your Food Preference

Keto food does not have to taste awful, your plan will be customised based on your food preference, so you are more likely to stick to it!

Done For You Macros

Macros are included in each recipe so you do not need to calculate your macros.

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Dr. Chai Lee

An experienced professional with a Doctor of Medicine.


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Brazilian Culinary Professional that works with recipe development and Food Media.

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