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What is MCT oil?

As the name suggests, medium Chain triglyceride (MCT) oil holds medium-length chains of fats called triglycerides. MCTs are easily digested thanks to their shorter length and many health benefit s are linked to the way the body process these fats. MCT oil regularly added as a supplement to bulletproof coffee, salad dressing, and smoothies. Commonly […]

Keto Drinks: The Best and the Worst

Carbohydrates are responsible for holding water and sodium in your body. When you restrict carbohydrates (like you do on a ketogenic diet), they are excreted, which means you retain less water. So, when you’re on a ketogenic diet, you need to drink more fluids compared to other diets. Water is definitely the best option since […]

23 Benefits of One Meal a Day

Why only eat one meal a day? Our bodies were designed to consume food when it is available. Thousands of years ago, before agriculture, we ate once a day, if we were lucky. This was how we survived. It was only during the British colonization that 3 meals a day became an indicator of cultural […]