Keto at Dairy Queen

Note: The data listed from does not account for removing condiments like ketchup due to availability of nutritional information from Dairy Queen. Take this into consideration when ordering your meals.

1. Double Cheeseburger with No Bun with Side Salad


Starting off your adventure into Dairy Queen, let’s look at a classic: the double cheeseburger. Remove the buns to get rid of additional carbs, as well as any superfluous condiments like ketchup or high-carb mayonnaise. Based on research compiled on, the burger itself with no buns contains:

      • Total Fat: 33g
      • Protein: 29g
      • Carbs: 4g
      • Calories: 480

If the double cheeseburger is not filling enough for you, swap out the traditional fries with a side salad (just be sure to remove the ranch dressing). With ranch dressing, the salad itself amounts to:

      • Total Fat: 0g
      • Protein: 1g
      • Carbs: 5g
      • Calories: 25

This brings our overall total for the meal at:

      • Total Fat: 33g
      • Protein: 30g
      • Carbs: 9g
      • Calories: 505

2. Grilled Chicken BLT Salad with No Dressing


For chicken-lovers who want a healthy option, Dairy Queen has their Grilled Chicken BLT Salad. It is suggested that you remove the dressing from this piece (but you can substitute it for a keto-friendly dressing of your choice if you take it home). This option leaves you with:

      • Total Fat: 2g
      • Protein: 23g
      • Carbs: 10g
      • Calories: 150

3. Turkey BLT with No Buns or Mayonnaise


Another lean meat option for your keto diet is the Turkey BLT. Make this more keto-friendly by removing the buns and the mayonnaise. Consider swapping the store-provided mayo with a low-sugar high-fat content. The figures for this sandwich include:

      • Total Fat: 16g
      • Carbs: 0g
      • Protein: 30g
      • Calories: approx. 55

Just like the double cheeseburger option above, you can add on the side salad with no dressing in place of fries.

4. Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwich with No Bun


Bacon can make anything better, including your sandwiches. This sandwich (after removing the bun) also comes with ranch dressing, a suitable condiment based on research from Nutrition info for this sandwich includes:

      • Total Fat: 20g
      • Carbs: 5g
      • Protein: 26g
      • Calories: 310

5. ¼ lb. Flamethrower GrillBurger with No Flamethrower Sauce


Topping the fat scales on the list is Dairy Queen’s Flamethrower Grillburger. Remove the Flamethrower sauce to drop the scales on your carb limit and you’re left with a caloric ratio of 83% fat. Macronutrients for the burger are:

      • Total Fat: 42g
      • Carbs: 3g
      • Protein: 17g
      • Calories: 450

Other Keto Considerations for Dairy Queen

Restrict Frozen Desserts and Treats


While Dairy Queen is famous for its milkshakes, soft serve ice cream, and Blizzards, these items do nothing but add on unnecessary carbohydrates to your diet. This means that any of their sweetened desserts and treats will be off-limits should you choose to eat there.

Consider Beverage Choices for Meals

Fresh water with lemon slices and mint on the wooden table. Tined picture, taken with Canon 5D mkIII

Naturally, you may want a beverage to go along with your meal, especially if it is in a combo. Soft drinks are an obvious restriction, as are the Arctic Freeze drinks that are loaded with sugar. Drip coffee contains no carbs (provided that you do not ask for cream or sugar), but their MooLattes can be as high as 136g for carbs. If nothing else, go with water and add a dash of squeezed lemon for flavoring.

Substitute Fried Food for Grilled

Burgers on Grill with Bratwurst and Flames

You may have noticed that the list above has no deep fried options. The issue is not with the cooking method, but rather the batter and coating that’s used, specifically the breading. If given the choice between a fried option (such as their fried chicken sandwich) and a grilled option (such as the chicken bacon ranch sandwich), it is best to choose the latter.

Be Wary of Condiments and Sauces


Sweetened condiments like ketchup should not be used on your foods, as it is extra sugar (and therefore extra carbs) added on your meal. Dressings are also worth examining due to their sugar content. In this case, swapping for oil on your salad can drop those numbers while boosting your fat content to an acceptable level. Special sauces like the Flamethrower sauce have the potential to be superfluous, so ask the staff to leave it off or have it on the side if you are not sure.