Paulin Success Story

Please tell us your story: Who you are, where are you from? Why did you start Keto? In other words, what’s the story?

My name is Paulin Logarta. I am 27 years old from the Philippines. Back when I was still in my hometown, Bohol, I was so active. During my teenage years, I was very athletic. I used to be part of the volleyball and taekwondo team in our school.  I have also competed and won in different dancesport competitions and I am proud to say that I was really good at it. Aside from competing, I was also a member of a girl dance group. These activities helped me maintain my weight. 


However, when I reached 20, I decided to move to Cebu to work. That’s when everything started to change.  My first job was in a call center company and being a call center agent is not easy. We work at night so to keep us awake, we always eat during our shift- chocolates, soda, junk food, you name it! This is also when I started to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. It was awful. At first, I didn’t feel like gaining weight until I couldn’t fit my favorite clothes anymore. Year after year, I kept gaining weight until I reached 105 kgs. 


That’s when I realized I need to take care of myself. At the time, I started working with a client who owns a business that focuses on the Keto diet. This is when I got introduced to this amazing diet. And with the help of the blogs from his (my client’s) website, I was able to learn more about Keto and started to apply it with my plan. 

What did you personally do in your first 10 days of keto?

Being Asian, Rice has always been part of our culture, especially us, Filipinos. For us, a meal without rice is NOT a complete meal. That being said, my first week was no easy. But because I was determined to lose weight, I took the process step by step. First, I minimized my rice consumption ( ½ cup per meal). Then I started to stop taking rice every breakfast and dinner. 


After 2 weeks, I finally was able to totally get rid of rice from my meal then substituted it with sweet potato or cauliflower. I also made changes in my daily routine. For the first 2 weeks, I started to spend 30 mins- 1 hour walk every day. With these few changes, within 2 weeks, I lost 8lbs. That’ when I started to be more productive and felt active all day. 

Do you count and track macros strictly?

Yes, I did but I was only very strict on my carbs intake.  I wasn’t really good at calculating so I used an APP to help me with this process. In addition to this, I also bought a Smart Digital Scale that helped me monitor my weight. 

How has your life changed since going keto?

I and my partner have been trying to conceive for 8 years. There were times when I thought I could never be a mother and it was I who has the problem. BUT I discovered Keto and finally, my prayers were answered!  Keto has made one of my dreams come true. After almost 4 months of doing keto, I got pregnant!  So aside from losing weight, and feeling better about myself,  becoming a mom because of keto is one thing that I will always be thankful for! This really changed my life!  Doing keto has been the best decision I’ve made in my entire life.

What is your WHY (your drive/motivation) to keep on track and stay focused?


My family, especially my mom and my dad. They never fail to remind me how important our health is. My mom, being a nurse, really is the one who motivates me to lose weight and eat healthy. My athletic dad, on the other hand, encourages me to go out and exercise. Both of my parents are in their 60s and they look as healthy as ever. They made me want to be like them when I get to their age. 

What is your favorite Keto recipe?

My favorite has always been cauliflower rice with Tuna. I also like sunny side up eggs and bacon. 

Finally, What advice would you give someone who is just starting out on keto?

Start small and be patient. If you ever “cheated” on your diet, that’s okay. Do not be discouraged. That’s part of the process. As long as you go back into your keto plan, you should be fine. And if you feel like giving up, look back and see why you started in the first place.   Remember, losing weight will not happen overnight.