Meghan Success Story

Meghan Success Story | Keto Diet Success Stories

Please tell us your story: Who you are, where are you from? Why did you start Keto? In other words, what’s the story?

My name is Meghan, and I live in Canada. I’ve been overweight since I was 12 years old, and obese since I was 17. I recently started in a full time college program which was really intense, and put on a ton of weight in the process. When I got to my highest weight (260lbs) I was absolutely miserable, had no self-esteem, and it was really affecting my relationship. My significant other had successfully lost weight with Keto before, and suggested I try it with him. Within a month I had already lost 20 pounds, and the weight just kept falling off!

What did you personally do in your first 10 days of keto?

The first few weeks of keto were kept really simple so it was easier to adjust. I know there are tons of different recipes for desserts, fake breads, etc. But I just stuck to bacon and eggs for breakfast; cheese, meat, and pickles for lunch; and meat and veggies for dinner (usually chicken thighs with cauliflower and broccoli). Now I’ve ventured out into fathead doughs, cauliflower crust pizza, and different desserts, but I think keeping it simple in the beginning was the best way to go!

Do you count and track macros strictly?

I weighed and tracked very religiously for the first 4 months eating a ketogenic diet. I now do “lazy keto” where I don’t track, but have a pretty good idea where I’m at! If I notice I start to stall, I will definitely start to track again, but the weight is still coming off so I’m not too concerned at the moment!

How has your life changed since going keto?

The most significant change personally has been management of my PCOS symptoms. I was diagnosed at 18, but had displayed symptoms since I was 15 (infrequent periods, hirsuitism, acanthosis nigrans). Since April, I’ve finally had regular menstrual cycles, my facial hair is disappearing, and the skin darkening in my armpits and thighs are gone!

Have you ever encountered a plateau? If so, how did you get over it?

I’ve never had a true plateau of 3+ months, but did have a month where I stayed at the same weight. Oddly enough, my first “cheat day” (I ate around 80g of carbs instead of my usual 20g) is what seemed to kick start the weight loss again!

What is your WHY (your drive/motivation) to keep on track and stay focused?

My motivation to keep on track and stay focused is my significant other. We are able to motivate each other (he’s lost 110lbs!) I would also like to have children one day, and research shows the possibility of getting pregnant with PCOS greatly increases when eating a ketogenic diet.

What is your favorite Keto recipe?

Cauliflower crust pizza! It’s so versatile because you can add any toppings you wish to! My go to is 2 cups riced cauliflower, 1 egg, ½ cup Parmesan and seasonings, pressed down thin and baked at 425F for 20 minutes.

Finally, What advice would you give someone who is just starting out on keto?

Keep it simple! I know there’s tons of recipes out there, but basic meat and veggies make everything way less daunting at first!