Kandice Success Story

Kandice Success Story

Please tell us your story: Who you are, where are you from? Why did you start Keto? In other words, what’s the story?

Hi! I’m Kandy! I’ve always been a rather big gal. In July of 2018 I took a trip from my home in Phoenix Arizona to San Diego to meet some friends. I never do full body photos, so I never really had to look at how big I was. However, on the trip we had been taking photos and I was forced to take a look at myself. I was pretty big and it was devastating to be forced to see that. After that I had made it a goal to lose weight and started eating a low carbohydrate diet. I hadn’t heard of keto yet. The first month of my low carb diet I refused to step on the scale.

In September of 2018 we started a small diet bet at work. That’s when my coworker told me about Keto. I actually lost a ton of weight and won the diet bet as well. During that time I started researching keto and decided it was perfect for me. I also started an Instagram account to blog about my weight loss. I found a ton of keto support and information there that has helped me so much of my journey. I weighed myself for the diet bet and after a month of low carb eating I was down to 292 pounds. After 6 months of keto I’m 230 pounds and still going.

What did you personally do in your first 10 days of keto?

My first 10 days of keto I drank water like crazy. I bought electrolytes to put in my water as well. I kept it strict and only ate meat, dairy and veggies. I had no artificial sweeteners other than the ones in the electrolytes. I used an app to track my macros and to learn what I should eat. Meal prepping was a huge help. I had 14 days of food in my freezer ready.

Do you count and track macros strictly?

I did. However after a few months I have stopped. I mostly eat the same foods so I know I am keeping it keto. I learned to count slightly in my head to keep track but I’m not hardcore tracking anymore. Once you learn the in and outs of what you can have you can pretty much know. I still check the packaging of food but I don’t use the phone trackers anymore.

How has your life changed since going keto?

Oh this is a tough one! My life has changed so much! Firstly, my body is feeling so much more better from my taking better care of it.  I can actually tell when I am hungry and when I just want something cause it smells good. Secondly, I am so much more happy and confident. Before I would shy out of a group because my body image issues but now I am more in conversations and getting to know new people. I met my boyfriend and have not had any body confidence issues whatsoever. Thirdly is that I now wear shorts! Yup, I live in Arizona and never wore shorts unless swimming. However, now I own shorts, tank tops and crop tops! New wardrobe for the new me!

I’ve also met some wonderful people who love following my journey and supporting me. It’s been amazing to find people who support and encourage you. That speaks wonders!

Have you ever encountered a plateau? If so, how did you get over it?

Oh yeah! I started dating and I hit a plateau with the new boyfriend. I was eating out more and not keeping track. I’d have cheat meals here and there as well because of temptation. We are finally stopping eating out and I’ve been dropping again. I also cut out sugar alcohols and started dropping again! It’s nice to have as a treat but I was eating and drinking a lot of fake sugar! I was drinking Coke Zero, and other products I didn’t need but wanted. So they are cut out now and I’ve dropped a lot more since then. I also am moving to more Whole Foods instead of things like protein bars and making my own coffee at home. I can keep track of what goes into my coffee if I make it myself.

What is your WHY (your drive/motivation) to keep on track and stay focused?

I still have some weight to lose but mostly because of how my body feels. I feel so much better than I ever remember. I can listen to what my body has to say and I have so much more energy now. I don’t want to lose that feeling by eating junk once again.

What is your favorite Keto recipe?

Right now it’s definitely a keto egg loaf(https://www.ketokeuhnnutrition.com/keto-recipes/keto-egg-loaf-recipe/)! I use cinnamon and add some sugar free cinnamon coffee syrup to add a little sweetness. It makes keto French toast, which is my favorite food ever!

Finally, What advice would you give someone who is just starting out on keto?

Drink plenty of water. I know not everyone likes water but if you don’t drink a lot you will get sick. You need more than the recommended amount, try going for like 100oz of water if possible. Also electrolytes are so helpful! The keto flu is a real thing and you can get it real bad if you’re low on water.