Keto Drinks: The Best and the Worst

Carbohydrates are responsible for holding water and sodium in your body. When you restrict carbohydrates (like you do on a ketogenic diet), they are excreted, which means you retain less water. So, when you’re on a ketogenic diet, you need to drink more fluids compared to other diets. Water is definitely the best option since it contains no carbs and no calories. However, it is not your only option.

There are lots of low carb beverages and alcoholic drinks that you can consume in moderation while on a ketogenic diet.

This post lists the best and the worst drinks to consume on a ketogenic diet. So, what are they? Read on to find out!

Can I drink coffee or tea on a ketogenic diet?


Yes. Plain coffee, as well as dark tea, have always been keto -friendly.

It’s when you add sugar or milk, that it’s no longer keto. Instead of milk, you can add cream instead. Two tablespoons of cream contain less than 1 gram of carbs. Cream is also high in fat, which is great for ketosis.

There are several flavored creamers that have recently been developed for those on a ketogenic diet. One such creamer is French vanilla milk-free creamer with nut clusters.

Be cautious, though, of canned coffee beverages which may be packed with carbs. If you like canned coffee beverages, sugar-free bottled espresso, such as Illy, is a great, on-the-go choice.

Can I drink protein shakes on a ketogenic diet?


Yes, you can, in moderate amounts. Protein shakes are great for meeting your protein needs. However, you don’t want to drink too much, or else you may exceed your protein needs. And you definitely don’t want to do this since the ketogenic diet is a moderate, not a high protein diet. 

However, protein shakes/protein powders used to make protein shakes aren’t always low in carbs. So, you want to make sure they are keto-friendly.

The best option is to choose protein powders developed specifically for those on a ketogenic diet. One such protein powder is Ideal Ketogenic Protein Powder. A single scoop of Ideal Ketogenic protein powder contains only just one gram of carbohydrates.

Can I drink almond milk on a ketogenic diet?


Yes, you can. However, you need to make sure that it contains no added sugars.

Unsweetened almond milk, such as the one from Pacific Foods, contains only 2 grams of carbohydrates per cup.

Should you take Water Flavorings while on a ketogenic diet?


Water flavorings are okay on a ketogenic diet. Just make sure that they contain no added sugar.

Here are some good options:

Stur: It is one of the most natural water supplements on the market.  It uses stevia, organic juices and spices and imparts a fruity flavour to your water. Since it contains a bit of natural sugars, you need to make sure you adhere to the suggested serving size in order to stay in ketosis.

Crystal Light Liquid: Though it doesn’t contain added sugar, it does have certain  questionable substances. For instance, it contains the additive sucrose acetate isobutyrate. It also contains sucralose, an ingredient which may not be as safe as stevia.

Propel Water Beverage Mix: This flavoring goes one step further; it contains certain micronutrients as well as vitamin B. So, it can help replace the nutrients lost when starting a ketogenic diet. However,there is one drawback it has traces of added sugar.

Many water flavorings contain extra added sugars. However, since they contain trace amounts of them, manufacturers are allowed to say that they don’t contain any carbohydrates or sugar.

So, bear in mind that water flavorings may reduce your ketosis if you drink a lot of them.  Artificial sweeteners might also cause an involuntary rise in insulin levels, which can decrease your ketone levels.

As a result, you will want to stick to the suggested serving sizes when using water flavorings. This will ensure that you’re not consuming too many hidden carbohydrates or additives.

The following table shows the carbohydrate content of various types of water flavorings:

Water FlavoringServing SizeCalories AvailableNet CarbohydratesComponents
Stur2.0 milliliterNoneNoneStevia plus fruit plus veggie juice
SkinnyGirl Water Flavoring2.0 milliliter5.0NoneSugarcane extract, stevia, plus veggies plus fruit juice
Crystal Light Liquid 2.0 milliliterNoneNoneSucralose plus acesulfame potassium
Mio Water Flavoring2.0 milliliterNoneNoneSucralose plus acesulfame potassium
Dasani Drops1.70 milliliterNoneNoneSucralose plus acesulfame potassium
Propel Water Liquid Mix1 packBelow 5 caloriesBelow 5 caloriesSugar, acesulfame potassium plus sucralose

NOTE: Remember to reduce your intake of water flavorings with added sugar, as sugary drinks reduce your ketone levels.

Can I drink soft drinks on a ketogenic diet?


It depends on what you choose. There are some ketogenic-friendly soft drink options. For instance, soft drinks which are sweetened with sweeteners usually have no carbs. However, it may be wise to limit your consumption of them because drinking too much of them may increase your cravings for carbs.

Below is a table of the most common ketogenic-friendly soft drinks:

Famous Ketogenic-Friendly Juice OptionsServing SizeCaloriesTotal CarbohydratesComponents
Powerade Zero20 fluid ouncesNoneNoneAcesulfame potassium plus Sucralose
Vitamin Water Zero20 fluid ouncesNone5.0 gramsStevia extract plus Erythritol
Wave Soda Sparkling Juice355 ml25.06.0 gramsFruit extract
Hint Water474 mlNoneNoneNatural Sweeteners (flavors)

Can I drink milk on a ketogenic diet?


It isn’t good to drink a lot of milk on a ketogenic diet. This is because just one cup of milk contains about 12 grams of carbohydrates. If you love drinking milk or using it in your cooking, there are many low carbohydrate milk options.

Here is a list of them:

Ketogenic-Friendly Milk OptionsServing SizeCaloriesNet CarbohydratesTotal Carbs
Coconut Milk1 cup
75.6 calories7.12 grams7.12 gram
Soy Milk1 cup
79.2 calories3.05 grams4.01 grams
Almond Milk1 cup
40.8 calories1.03 grams1.99 grams
Hemp Milk1 cup
83 calories0.7 grams1.3 grams
Cashew Milk1 cup
158.4 calories8.74 grams10.66 grams
Flax Milk1 cup
25.0 calories1 gram1 gram

NOTE: You should not consume more than a single serving of higher carbohydrate options such as cashew and coconut milk in order not to exceed your daily net carbohydrate limits.

Can I drink beer on a ketogenic diet?


It depends on what you choose. When it comes to beverages, beer just might be the worst option for someone on a ketogenic or low-carb diet. Beer is filled with carbohydrates, so you could easily go over your macro limits with a single bottle.

For instance, a brew like Guinness has 18.0 grams of carbohydrates per bottle. Even so, there are several keto-friendly beer options. 

Here is a list of the best and worst beer options: 

Best Beer Options on a ketogenic Diet

Type of BeerTotal CarbohydratesServing Size
Budweiser Select 551.90 grams12 fluid ounces
Miller Genuine Draft 642.40 grams12 fluid ounces
Michelob Ultra2.60 grams12 fluid ounces

Worst Beer Options on a ketogenic Diet

Type of BeerTotal CarbohydratesServing Size
Guinness Extra Stout14.0 grams12 fluid ounces
Blue Moon Belgian White Ale14.0 grams12 fluid ounces
Stella Artois13.0 grams12 fluid ounces

Can I drink wine on a ketogenic diet?


Wine is a better option compared to regular beer if you’re on a ketogenic diet. Dry wines, in particular, often contain no added sugar, so are often lower in carbohydrates.

They are not quite as pleasant as dessert wines, however, they are a better option for maintaining your ketosis.

Best Wine Options on a ketogenic Diet

Type of WineTotal CarbohydratesServing Size
Sauvignon Blanc7.2 grams12 fluid ounces
Pinot Noir5 grams12 fluid ounces

Worst Wine Options on a ketogenic Diet

Type of WineTotal CarbohydratesServing Size
Sweet Dessert Wine48.5 grams12 fluid ounces
Sangria34.49 grams
12 fluid ounces
Port 36 grams12 fluid ounces

Can I drink Spirits, Liquor, and Hard Alcohol on a ketogenic diet?

Peaceful evening when I have time only for myself

Plain spirits such as vodka, cognac, brandy, whiskey as well as tequila don’t contain any carbohydrates, so they’re okay on a ketogenic diet.

However, mixed drinks, particularly sugar-sweetened beverages, are a concern. For instance, Gin & Tonic contains 12.10 grams of carbohydrates per single serving. But, if you want something delicious, grab a KetoLogic BHB and mix it with soda water instead of juice or cola. This is a sugar-free way to enjoy the sweetness that you’re craving.

Best Spirits, Liquor, and Hard Alcohol Options on a ketogenic Diet

Type of Spirit, Liquor, and Hard AlcoholTotal CarbohydratesServing Size
Dry Martini None12 fluid ounces
WhiskeyNone12 fluid ounces
Vodka & Soda Water with KetoLogic BHBNone1 cup

Worst Spirits, Liquor, and Hard Alcohol Options on a ketogenic Diet

Type of Spirit, Liquor, and Hard AlcoholTotal CarbohydratesServing Size
Cosmopolitan72.0 grams12 fluid ounces
Gin & Tonic24 grams12 fluid ounces
Mai Tai90.72 grams12 fluid ounces

Popular Beverages Which Should Be Taken in moderation on  a ketogenic Diet

Type of DrinkCaloriesTotal Carbohydrates
Net Carbohydrates
Serving Size
Tomato juice50.4 calories10.0 grams
8.08 grams1 cup
Kombucha45.6 calories11.0 grams11.0 grams1 cup
Whole Milk149.0 calories11.7 grams11.7 grams1 cup
Coconut water50.4 calories13.0 grams13.0 grams1 cup

The beverages above have certain health benefits. However, because of the carbohydrate content, you’ll want to limit their consumption. 

To get health benefits, there are often keto-friendly alternatives. For instance, it is better to eat leafy greens instead of drinking tomato juice to get your nutrients.

How much you can drink depends on your daily net carbs limits. You should not drink any beverage which gets you close to half of your daily net carbs limits.

Below are some of the most popular beverages which you should avoid  on a ketogenic diet:

Popular Beverages Which Should Avoided on a ketogenic Diet

Type of DrinkCaloriesTotal CarbohydratesNet CarbohydratesServing Size
Fruit Juice124.0 calories30.88 grams30.88 grams1 cup
Sweet Tea79.2 calories21.0 grams21.0 grams1 cup
Regular Soda60.0 calories 16.22 grams16.22 grams1 cup
Vitamin Water52.8 calories13.2 grams
13.2 grams
1 cup
Regular Soda (with reduced sugar)96.0 calories 12.4 grams
12.4 grams
1 cup
Sugary Sports Drinks 64.5 calories15.9 grams
15.9 grams
1 cup

The beverages above should be avoided on a ketogenic diet at all costs. They’re packed with sugar (natural, or otherwise), which can kick you out of ketosis. If you do happen to drink them, make sure they fit into your daily net carbs limits.

If there is any drink that has not been covered in this article, a general rule of them as to whether you can drink it or not, is the net carb content. If the net carb content is close to half of your daily net carb limits, then don’t drink it.


As you can see, there are a lot of  ketogenic-friendly beverages on the market. But, the option is plain water. If you choose to drink anything besides plain water, make sure you check the carbohydrate content on the nutritional label, as well as the ingredient list. 

Also check the caloric content.

If you’re trying to lose weight on a ketogenic diet, it’s important not only to watch your carbohydrate content, but your caloric intake as well. 

Happy Dieting!