Keto at Panera

What are the 5 things I can order?

If you live the Keto life, you can always live within your diet plan, even when you decide to eat out, and you can be sure of this at Panera. Panera has made it very easy for you, as the restaurant offers a very standard nutrition and dining guide, which affords you the needed knowledge of their nutritional menu. 

However, you might be interested in knowing what meal is being offered before-hand, hence this concise guide on what you can order for. Ordering your Keto at Panera is as easy as it can get, but you need to be careful. 

Before you go ahead to order your keto meal, there are some tips you should note;

      • Make sure you don’t go beyond breadless sandwiches and salad. 
      • Ensure that you avoid bread, rolls, cookies, soups and chips
      • Do away with the pickled onions, as they are not low-card meals
      • If you are not sure, you should leave the dressings and toppings out
      • When you want to drink, go with water, unsweetened iced tea, or diet Pepsi products
      • For convenience, you can get the restaurant’s app, it will help you make better choices. 

Here are the meals we would recommend you order

For breakfast: You can have Bacon egg, cheese sandwich and coffee


Your breakfast dream just came to live with these amazing sammies, you just have to nix the bread. When ordering for your cheese sandwich, you should clearly state that you don’t want bread in your meal. 

When looking to have breakfast at Panera, there are some items you would surely want to try out, in whatever combination you prefer. These include; avocado, bacon, pork-sausage, ham, scrambled egg, egg whites, overeasy egg, Vermont white cheddar, beef sirloin tip steak sliced thin, tomatoes and spinach. These are combined to give a wide variety of breakfast choices, right there on the menu list of Panera. 

On analysis, this meal gives a total of 450 calories, 19 g of fat, 2g of carbs and 19g of protein.

Sauces: You can have a serving of Chipotle aioli


 If you are looking to bask in the euphoria the well prepared sauces at Panera give, then you should try out this dish. This sauce doesn’t just taste great, it looks super exciting, and is sure to irk your appetite. Whether you are in to grab breakfast, or just any type of meal, this is a really great choice to make. 

When analyzed, this meal gives about 45 calories, containing 4.5g of fat, 0g of carbs, 0g of fiber and 0g of protein. The main aim of Keto diet is to provide your body with more fat, and that is exactly what is achieved with this meal. 

For lunch: You can have steak and baby arugula sandwich, laid on a bed of lettuce


 First, you must clearly state that this dish should contain no form of bread whatsoever. However, as a result of doing away with bread, your pickled onions, cream cheese spread and mustard horseradish, which are your only source of carbs, should be gotten from the arugula, tomato slices and spinach. The carbs count in this case is however devoid of fibers. 

When analyzed, this meal will give you a total of 304.5 calories, 7.2g of fat, 27.6g of carbs and 34.5g of protein. 

For lunch: You can have Bacon turkey Bravo sandwich:


 In having this meal, you can always nix the bread, or rather just have a bed of lettuce. Coupled with this, get your signature sauce just by the side of the dish. This meal would be great if you order for one of the breakfast sauces on the menu, as add on. You don’t want a report on the taste of this dish at Panera, you need to get a taste yourself. 

For the constituents of this meal, on analysis, it contains 630 calories, 57g of carbs, 24g of fat and 46g of protein. 

For the constituents of this meal, on analysis, it contains 630 calories, 57g of carbs, 24g of fat and 46g of protein. 

Anytime: You can get a good bowl of salad:


 At Panera, you have access to a variety of salad options. There are various salad options, and as a general rule, in lowering the carb content, you can always nix the salad with croutons and pickled onions. 

      • You can have the Green goddess Cobb salad that is garnished with half chicken: In one serving, this meal contains 280 calories, 17g of fat, 12g of carbs and 21g of protein. 
      • You can also order for the Caesar salad, coupled with a dressing of your choice: This meal in one serving contains 481 calories, 40g of fat, 23g of carbs, 10g of protein. 
      • There is also the Caesar salad with chicken, also with a dressing of your choice: In one serving, this meal contains 309 calories, 17g of fat, 8.2g of fat, 29g of protein
      • The Greek salad available for order is a favorite, and you should try it out: The Greek salad meal has 179 calories, 15g of fat, 7.4g of carbs, 5.1g of protein.  

On your keto diet journey, you are not alone. If there is any restaurant out there to cater for your meal needs, it is Panera. You can be assured of well-made keto meals at Panera.