Keto at Subway

Subway and Keto:

Subway is a more healthy option compared to other fast food options available. It is not your typical sodium-rich, fat-laced burger with a side of deep fried fries. Still, a classic sub is not the most keto-friendly option. But worry not- If you are following the keto diet religiously to shed the excess pounds, then Subway has other options for you.

What to eat at Subway?


Since the sub is out of the question, do not feel let down. Just taking out the bread from many of Subway’s signature subs can give you a healthy option which is satiating and compliant with the ketogenic diet.

Regular Subway menu items can be customized. Here are some great meal options that are perfect for your keto diet:

Cold cut salad


This salad combines the classic cold cuts Subway is famous for; turkey, salami, and bologna, with cheese, lettuce, spinach, and olives. The salad is satisfying and gives you your fill of proteins while keeping the carbs at a mere 5 grams. The salad is filling and healthy and completely balanced for a keto meal. The salad has a total of 180 calories, 11 g of fat, 4 g of fiber and   12 g of protein

Tuna and Bacon salad


You can even go for a more protein-rich option with the tuna and bacon salad. Throw in some greens and a vinaigrette to complement the bacon. Addition of olives and lettuce will only improve the taste. This is not your typical salad since it does have a considerable amount of meat in it, but for people on the keto diet is extremely suitable as one sizeable portion of this salad will have just 2 grams of carbs. The meal has 310 calories. The caloric breakdown is as follows: 24 g of fat,| 4 g of fiber and 15 of g protein.

Chicken patty salad


If you are craving the Subway roasted chicken patty, then worry not. Have the patty diced and made into a salad. The accompaniment of greens and your favorite sauces will create the salad version of your delicious sub. The fiber content will help with the digestion process and provide extra filling, so you do not feel hungry at all. With nearly the same taste, but nowhere near the same amount of carbs, just 3 grams of carbs, this is an excellent choice. The entire meal has only 140 calories, with 3.5 g of fat, 4 g of fiber and 18 g of protein.

Steak with egg and cheese:


This is the perfect combo for keto. Generally, the steak with egg and cheese combo comes with a flatbread. You can easily forgo the flatbread option, since that has a lot of carbs, to make your custom keto meal which is satisfying and delicious without the addition of any carbs. Removing the flatbread will bring the total carbs of the meal down from 44 g to just 5 g. The meal will give you a total of 200 calories, with 16 g of proteins and 10.5 g of fats, perfect for the healthy keto breakfast to start your day with.

Spicy Italian salad:


Containing an array of meats, pepperoni, ham, and salami, the salad is an excellent high protein, high-fat option. Extra cheese and other toppings can be added for more flavor, along with an addition of greens to supply fiber. The total carbs for this one are just 5 g which is quite impressive as it provides 712 calories.

Subway Club salad:


You can order this item to get the signature Subway taste, minus the carbs. The unique Subway flavoring can be increased by adding different sauces and dressings. The carbs, just for the salad, will be 9 g, which is just perfect for anyone on keto.

Veggie Delite salad:


This is the best option for people who are vegan and are on keto. Who says you can only get your fill of proteins through the meat. This salad has only 7 g of carbs and is vegan-friendly and keto friendly.

So basically, take out the bread and have everything tossed up like a salad.

Foods to avoid:

      • Breads
      • Certain condiments and sauces
      • Some meats