Keto at Hardee’s

Keto-friendly Hardee’s menu:



Let’s start with breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Hardee’s is known for its breakfast options. Its bacon, eggs, and cheese biscuit is quite popular. However, this mouth-watering combo does have a total carb count of 46 g. To bring that down, people on the ketogenic diet can minus the biscuit, and this will bring down the carb content mere 10 g! You can further customize the order by increasing the number of bacon strips, or to a maybe another egg. The meal will be satisfying but low on carbs. The total calories for this meal are 310 kcal, and the protein content is 16 g. This hearty breakfast will keep you filled up and satisfied for a long time without adding too many carbs to your diet.

The burgers:


Beef burgers are what Hardee’s is known for. Its Bacon Cheese Thickburger is a favorite menu item. You can munch on the delicious beef without feeling any guilt by replacing the buns with lettuce wraps. The burger provides 850 calories, and the original carb content is 54 g. Without the buns and the tomatoes, the carbs will fall to just 15 g, which is great for a burger that is extremely filling. The total calories for this meal are 690 kcal with total proteins of 42 g.

Next up, the classic Cheeseburger. You will get an exquisite combo of a thick beef patty, smoked bacon, diced onions, pickles, and even mustard and ketchup. With the buns, the carbs will be 37 g and without it only 9 g. You can enjoy your cheeseburger guilt free every time. With total calories of 600 kcal and proteins of 33 g this burger is an excellent choice.

Any of the Hardee’s classic burgers can be converted into a delicious steak by merely removing the buns. Getting rid of the buns will bring down the carb content drastically, but it will still look like a complete meal, so you do not feel deprived.



Chicken tenders and fried breaded chicken pieces are already low in carbs. Fifteen chicken tenders, for instance, contain just 21 g of carbs. But keto dieters can easily remove the outer coating, which contains the carbs, and reduce the amount of carbs even more. You can always get the taste by dipping the chicken in any number of sauces available at Hardee’s most of which are low in carb content.

The chicken sandwich is again no issue, as long as you have the buns replaced by lettuce wraps. The modified sandwich will have nearly 20 g fewer carbs, so from 39 g to 9 g. Pretty good deal that is. The total proteins will be 18 g, and the calorie count will be 290 kcal.

Things to avoid:


Avoid the buns at all costs and replace all of them with lettuce wraps. Next up, the desserts. Try not to give in to the temptation. When it comes to sweet things, not much modification can be done so you are better off just avoiding them altogether.

Also, try to skim on the side orders. Onion rings and fries are better left out. Try to fill yourself up with the main menu items which you have customized according to the ketogenic diet so you can skip the side orders.

Finally, the beverages. Sodas of all kinds are a definite no. They contain tons of sugar and have no nutritional value. Try to get into the habit of drinking plain water because even juices contain a lot of sugar and, surprisingly, sodium.

With these things in mind you, as a keto dieter, are good to go. Visit your nearest Hardee’s and have a great time enjoying your meal.