Keto at El Pollo Loco

The Keto Diet at El Pollo Loco

Knowing the fitting foods to order… 

Given the fact that El Pollo Loco is one of the most prominent chain restaurants that offer assorted foods, it has now become a sumptuous restaurant where individuals and groups now rush to for different desirous meals like: grilled chicken, tacos, burritos, enchiladas, among others.

In this piece, we identify the different types of foods you can order at El Pollo Loco that will offer you a comprehensive Keto diet that is rich in fat and protein with the aim of aiding your growth and development.

The Five (5) Exclusive Types of Keto Food at El Pollo Loco

Against the backdrop of the fact that El Pollo Loco offers a wide-range wide range, the following are the major keto foods you can order with the aim of meeting your needs and expectations. These include but not limited to:

1. Ordering for chicken


It should be fundamentally stated that El Pollo Loco has an impressive menu with regards to keto. One of the tastiest meals of El Pollo Loco is their chicken. It has become one of the trademarks for El Pollo Loco.

In this regard, they offer fire-grilled chicken, thighs, legs, wings, as well as breasts that have significant low-carb contents. As a matter of fact, you can request chicken barest with or without the skin if you want to increase or maintain your fat consumption.

Knowing full that this dish appears in the form of the marinated citrus dressing, it is important to request a dry or plain piece of chicken with the view of keeping the sugar down.

More instructively, the fire-grilled chicken consists of the following nutrients:

      • 210 calories 
      • 0 grams carbs
      • 0 grams sugar
      • 0  grams of fiber
      • 21 of grams protein

To this end, always order for chicken thighs, wings or legs if you need fattier meal. This is because; they contain more fat than the chicken breasts.

2. Order a taco With No shell

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While it is important to note that ordering a taco without or exclusively eating only the inner part of a taco brings about low-carb, the El Pollo Loco offers exclusive taco that is enriched with shredded chicken, cheese, and lettuce.

More interestingly, you can order for their chicken taco al carbon which is very rich in chicken thigh meat, onion, and cilantro. Instructively, do not eat the taco shell so as to experience the benefit of the low-carb diet.

Given the fact that there are some meats at El Pollo Loco without being flavored, we implore you to ask for meats that are dry or hold sauce and seasonings. To achieve 100% benefits, you can also order for extra cheese, sour cream and guacamole so as to accompany your meat

3. Order More low-carb extras


While a piece of chicken coupled with steamed broccoli may not satisfy your taste, we implore you to add jazz to your meal. This involves piling on safe low-carb extras with the aim of enhancing the fat content in your food.

Against the backdrop of the fact that El Pollo Loco produces their guacamole on a daily basis, you can leverage on this opportunity by always nourishing your chicken with some fresh guacamole. In the same vein, you can order their bacon which is another source of protein and fat.

It is important to note that, you can also try their double chicken avocado salad at El Pollo Loco in substitution of the above. This is because; it also contains nutritious nutrients like chicken breast, avocado, cotija cheese, and sour cream.

The unique macronutrients to look out for include:

      • 350 calories imbued in the salad
      • 14 grams of fat
      • 11 grams of carbs (6 net carbs)
      • 5 grams of fiber
      • 5 grams of sugar
      • 47 grams of protein

4. Ordering Chili lime chicken tostada


The Chili lime chicken tostada should be ordered without the inclusion of pinto beans, rice, and chili lime sauce. Equally, do not eat the outer shell of the chicken tostada. This is another resourceful form of keto diet that nourishes you with fat and protein.

5. Chicken avocado burrito


Like the chicken tostada, the chicken avocado burrito is another rich source of food in protein and fat that is offered and can be offered at El Pollo Loco.  The chicken avocado burrito contains the following major nutrients:


      • 150 calories
      • 12 grams of fat
      • 11 grams of carbs (6 net carbs)
      • 2 grams of fiber
      • 5 grams of sugar
      • 35 grams of protein